Birding Program (Irvine Nature Center)

Irvine Nature Center's first annual birding seminar: "Feathers in Flight", Saturday, April 9th 2011 from 8:00-4:00 . Meet and increase your birding knowledge and skills with some of the top birders and naturalists from Maryland and Cape May, NJ. The seminar includes early morning bird walks, keynote speakers, fascinating workshops, book signings, exhibitors, birding supplies for sale at the Irvine Nature Store. All-Day Seminar (includes workshops) $70($60 for Irvine members). Morning Program only $40 ($35 for Irvine members). Call Courtney Sagal at 443-738-9224 or e-mail her at sagalc [at] explorenature [dot] org to register and reserve your first and second choice workshops. This is a great opportunity for birders of all skill levels! For more information:

Clay and Pat Sutton are nationally known naturalists, birders, authors, tour leaders and lecturers whose names and careers are synonymous with their home town of Cape May, NJ--a place that has been aptly called the migration capital of North America. Their latest book, Birds and Birding at Cape May, is an in-depth result of over 30 years of documenting and protecting the migration in the area and is a complete guide to birding in the region, as well as the storied ornithological history of Cape May. Clay Sutton co-authored the landmark book, Hawks in Flight, the Flight Identification of North American Raptors, with Pete Dunne and David Sibley. The Second Edition will be released next month.

Mark Garland has led over 200 nature oriented tours to locations through out the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Tanzania and other countries. He has written hundreds of articles and columns and a book: Watching Nature: A Mid-Atlantic Natural History . He is based in Cape May, NJ where he leads workshops for Cape May Bird Observatory and field trips and tours for the Audubon Naturalist Society. He regularly provides nature commentaries for the Metro Connections radio program on WAMU, public radio in Washington, DC.

David Curson is the Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Maryland-DC, is responsible for running the MD-DC Important Bird Areas Program and serves as the principle science and conservation staff person for Audubon MD-DC. David grew up in London, England, relocated to the US, received his PhD in wildlife ecology from University of Wisconsin-Madison and is an ornithologist, ecologist, conservation biologist and avid birder, having birded extensively throughout western Europe and north America.

Keith Costley is an exceptionally talented and avid birder. He is a field trip leader and "Lights Out Baltimore" volunteer for the Baltimore Bird Club. Keith has contributed an enormous amount data about birds in Maryland through the citizen science project, eBird.

Kathy Woods is a Master Wildlife Rehabilitator and founder of The Phoenix Wildlife Center, Inc., a non-profit organization in Baltimore County dedicated to the rehabilitation and return to the wild of native wildlife.

David LaPuma is a Postdoctoral Associate in the research department at the New Jersey Audubon Society in Goshen, NJ. His work focuses on the ecology, behavior and concentration of migratory birds and the relationships between nocturnally migrating birds, stop over habitat and weather phenomena. David received his PhD from Rutgers University and also runs the website where, using Doppler Radar each spring and fall, he posts daily interpretations of bird migration for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Mark Johnson is a senior wildlife toxicologist with the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine in Aberdeen, MD. He has over 15 years experience in the field of avian ecology, physiology and banding techniques. He holds an MS from University of Delaware, where he studied factors that influenced breeding success of Wood Thrush, and a PhD from Virginia Tech. Mark is also the President of the Maryland Ornithological Society.

Morning Keynotes

Backyard Habitat for Birds--Create it and They Will Come --Pat and Clay Sutton

Important Bird Areas in Maryland and DC --David Curson

1:30 Workshops

Using Weather and Radar to Predict Birding Conditions --David LaPuma

Hawks in Flight: Raptor ID Made Easier --Clay Sutton

Bird Identification --Mark Garland

A Bird in Hand: Bird Banding Demonstration --Mark Johnson

2:45 Workshops

All About Ruby-throated Hummingbirds --Pat Sutton

Raptor Rehabilitation --Kathy Woods

Birds Are Crazy-- Mark Garland

eBirding: Citizen Science Projects --Keith Costley