Rocky Gap State Park


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39.700908 N, 78.652125 W
The Parking Lot

Rocky Gap is perhaps the most important birding site in Allegany County with more rare bird sightings than anywhere else. J.B. Churchill discovered a Piping Plover early one April morning (April 30th, 2005) that was seen by several observers later the next day. Immediately after Hurricane Isabel (Sept 19th 2003), Ray Kiddy, J.B. Churchill and Cameron Cox found a Red Phalarope, an American Golden Plover and some Common Terns here. Other birds that have been seen here include Short-billed Dowitcher, Caspian, Common, and Forster’s Terns, White-winged, and Surf Scoters, and Snow Bunting. Sometimes there are large congregations of Tundra Swans in November or March and the best waterfowl watching and most of the uncommon waterfowl sightings are from the park. The park is accessed from Interstate 68 at Exit 50. Go North of the Interstate and go straight into the parking lot straight ahead. A $5.00 fee may be collected during the summer months.

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Location Name: Rocky Gap State Park
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39° 42' 3.2688" N, 78° 39' 7.65" W