Town Creek Aquaduct (C&O Canal)


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This is where Town Creek enters into the Potomac River. It is just beyond Green Ridge Road on the right as you travel south and east on Route 51. The entrance is just a dirt road that turns back to the right and parallels Route 51. Park at the end or somewhere in between (fully off the road of course) and enter the Canal. Walking south and east takes you towards the Paw Paw Tunnel. Walking north takes you towards Oldtown. The area to the south (off to your left as you walk towards Cumberland) can be very good for sparrows in the winter.

39.52340981 N, 78.54395564 W
at the Aquaduct
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Location Name: Town Creek Aquaduct
United States

39° 31' 24.276" N, 78° 32' 38.2416" W