Youghiougheny Reservoir


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This is a good spot for shorebirds when the water levels are right for it. There is also a path along the reservoir that can be good for songbirds. I have found Ruffed Grouse along this trail. The trail is also good in early spring (late April +/-) for Yellow-throated Warbler and there have been Prothonotary Warblers breeding in the area (though not lately). All the regular shorebirds can be found here and I found Buff-bellied Sandpipers in the grassy areas before the mud two years in a row in (9/5/2000 and 9/1/2001).

DIRECTIONS: Take exit 4 (Route-42 Friendsville). Approximate going straight by jogging left and right again onto Blaine Frantz Road. Go about another mile and turn right at Old Morgantown Rd and follow it until it ends.

39.687498 N, 79.385222 W
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Location Name: Youghiougheny Reservoir
United States

39° 41' 14.9928" N, 79° 23' 6.7992" W